Evolutionary Physiology


Evolutionary Physiology

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Note that I have a rather inclusive view of what constitutes "evolutionary physiology" (e.g., see Garland and Carter, 1994 [PDF file - large]), but this is not yet a thorough listing.  For example, I could use help adding people who work on plants, biochemistry, morphology ...

Here's something else worth a look: Tracy, C. R., J. S. Turner, G. A. Bartholomew, A. F. Bennett, W. D. Billings, B. F. Chabot, D. M. Gates,
B. Heinrich, R. B. Huey, D. H. Janzen, J. R. King, P. A. McClure, B. K. McNab, P. C. Miller, P. S. Nobel,
and B. R. Strain. 1982. What is physiological ecology? Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 63:349–347.
















I served as Editor of the Evolutionary Physiology section of Comprehensive Physiology. Here are the papers published so far:

Kelly, S. A., T. M. Panhuis, and A. M. Stoehr. 2012. Phenotypic plasticity: molecular mechanisms and adaptive significance. Comprehensive Physiology 2:1417-1439. [PDF File]

Rezende, E. L., and J. A. F. Diniz-Filho. 2012. Phylogenetic analyses: comparing species to infer adaptations and physiological mechanisms. Comprehensive Physiology 2:639-674. [PDF File]

White, C. R., and M. R. Kearney. 2014. Metabolic scaling in animals: methods, empirical results, and theoretical explanations. Comprehensive Physiology 4:231-256. [PDF File]

Husak, J. F. 2015. Measuring selection on physiology in the wild and manipulating phenotypes (in terrestrial nonhuman vertebrates). Comprehensive Physiology 6:63–85. [PDF file]

Crawford, D. L., P. M. Schulte, A. Whitehead, and M. F. Oleksiak. 2020. Evolutionary physiology and genomics in the highly adaptable killifish (Fundulus heteroclitusi>). Comprehensive Physiology xx:in press.

Reviews for Comphrehensive Physiology are invited, but if you are interested in contributing something, then please contact me directly and we can discuss the possibility.

I also serve as Editor in Chief of Physiological and Biochemical Zoology, which publishes considerable content in the area of evolutionary physiology.
We have recently expanded the areas of coverage for PBZ, as you can read here.
Again, feel free to contact me directly if you have ideas for review articles or other materials for PBZ.


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People, Labs, and Programs in Evolutionary Physiology:

Ackerly, David
Adolph, Stephen C.
Angert, Amy L.
Angilletta, Michael J., Jr.
Altshuler, Doug
Austad, Steven N.
Bartholomew, George A. Academic Genealogy
Bemis, William E.
Bennett, Albert F.
Berenbrink, Michael
Blob, Richard W.
Block, Barbara A.
Bozinovic, Francisco (Pancho)   http://www.bio.puc.cl/lafacultad/home.asp?id_content=443
Bradley, Timothy J.
Brainerd, Elizabeth L.
Brauner, Colin
Breuner, Creagh
Briscoe, Adriana D.
Bronikowski, Anne M.
Burmester, Thorsten
Burness, Gary
Calsbeek, Ryan
Campbell, Kevin L.
Capellini, Isabella
Careau, Vincent
Carrier, David R.
Carter, Patrik A.
Chappell, Mark A.
Cheng, Chi-Hing Christina Cheng
Childress, James
Christian, Keith
Christians, Julian
Cox, Robert M.
Crawford, Douglas L.
Daan, Serge
Dahlhoff, Elizabeth
Dalziel, Anne C.
Daniels, Christopher B.
Dantzer, Ben
Darveau, Charles-A.
Des Marais, David L.
Developmental Physiology
Diamond, Jared
Dochtermann, Ned A.
Dohm, Mike
Donovan, Lisa
Downs, Cynthia J.
Dudley, Robert
Dumont, Elizabeth R.
Ellis, Hugh L.
Else, Paul L.
Emlen, Douglas J.
Environmental and Evolutionary Physiology Research Unit (EEPRU), Finland
Evans, David H.
Experimental Evolution, Univ. of Calif. Intercampus Research Program on ...
Farmer, Colleen R.
Feder, Martin E.
Fields, Jeremy H. A.
Fisher, Charles
Folk, Donna G.
Foufopoulos, Johannes
Franklin, Craig
Franks, Peter J.
Fuxjager, Matthew J.
Galvan, Ismael
Garland, Theodore
Gartner, Gabriel E. A.
Geiser, Fritz
German, Donovan P.
Gibb, Alice C.
Gibbs, Allen G.
Gifford, Matthew E.
Gilchrist, George W.
Glazier, Douglas
Graham, Jeffrey
Guderley, Helga
Gunderson, Alex R.
Hammond, Kimberly A.
Hancock, Lillian
Harrison, Jon F.
Harshman, Larry
Hatle, John D.
Hau, Michaela
Hayashi, Cheryl
Hayes, Jack
Hazard, Lisa C.
Heideman, Paul D.
Hereford, Joe
Herrel, Anthony
Hicks, James W.
Hilbish, Thomas J.
Higham, Timothy C.
Hofmann, Gretchen
Huey, Raymond B.
Hulbert, Anthony J.
Husak, Jerry F.
Irschick, Duncan J.
Janzen, Fred
Jayne, Bruce C.
John-Alder, Henry B.
Johnston, Ian A.
Journal of Evolutionary Biochemistry and Physiology (Zhurnal evolyutsionnoi biokhimiii fiziologii) or try this Springer Link
Kawano, Sandy
Kelly, Scott A.
Kingsolver, Joel G.
Konarzewski, Marek
Koteja, Pawel
Kratochvíl, Lukáš
Lailvaux, Simon P.
Lauder, George V.
Lee, Carol E.
Long, John H.
Losos, Jonathan B.
Lovegrove, Barry
McBrayer, Lance
Maherali, Hafiz
Marden, Jim
Marshall, Katie  
Martin, Lynn B.
Martinez del Rio, Carlos
McClelland, Grant
McGlothlin, Joel W.
McGuire, Jim
McKechnie, Andrew
McNab, Brian K.
Mehta, Rita S.
Miles, Donald B.
Montooth, Kristi
Moyes, Chris
Muehlenbein, Michael P.
Muir, Christopher D.
Navas, Carlos
National Science Foundation, Program in Ecological and Evolutionary Physiology
Nelson, Jay A.
Nespolo, Roberto
Network for Experimental Research on Evolution (NERE)
Nunn, Charles
Orgeig, Sandra
Orr, Teri J.
Oufiero, Christopher E. [older website]
Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology
Perry, Steven
Physiological and Biochemical Zoology and check this ISI story about PBZ's impact
Piersma, Theunis
Plants, Evolutionary Physiology of Algae and Aquatic
Podos, Jeff
Reilly, Stephen M.
Rezende, Enrico L.
Rhodes, Justin S.
Richards, Jeffrey
Rose, Michael R.
Rowe, Ashlee
Rowe, Matt
Santiago, Louis F.
Schlinger, Barney A.
Schradin, Carsten
Schwartz, Tonia S.
Schulte, Patricia
Sears, Mike
Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry
Shine, Rick
Sinclair, Brent
Sinervo, Barry
Siva-Jothy, Mike
Snell-Rood, Emilie
Somero, George N.
Sparks, Jed P.
Speakman, John R.
Stephen C. Stearns
Stillman, Jonathon
Storz, Jay
Suarez, Raul
Summers, Adam P.
Swaddle, John P.
Swallow, John G.
Swanson, David L.
Swartz, Sharon M.
Taylor, Jan. R. E.
Thompson, Mike
Thornton, Joe
Tieleman, Irene B.
Vaanholt, Lobke
Van Damme, Raoul

Vanhooydonck, Bieke
Verhulst, Simon
Visser, Henk  alternate [deceased]
Wang, Tobias
Wainwright, Peter C.
Warne, Robin W.
Welch, Kenneth C., Jr.
Westneat, Mark W.
White, Craig R.
Williams, Joseph B.
Williams, Tony D.
Winkler, David W.
Withers, Philip C.
Woods, Art
Wright, Jonathan C.
Zera, Anthony J.


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