Irwin W. Sherman


Professor of Biology Emeritus
Phone (858) 784-2302


Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1960

The principal focus of our laboratory was to characterize in molecular terms the membrane structure and function of the erythrocyte infected by malaria parasites. Of particular interest was the mechanisms whereby red cells infected with the human malaria Plasmodium falciparum become adhesive. Using monoclonal antibodies, synthetic peptides and in vitro binding assays we identified an adhesive region of the erythrocyte that results from the exposure of cryptic residues of band 3 protein. Since retirement Professor Sherman has been a Visiting Scientist at the Scripps Research Institute (La Jolla, CA 92037) and has written 4 books:

The Power of Plagues, ASM Press, 2006
Twelve Diseases That Changed Our World, ASM Press, 2007
Reflections On A Century of Malaria Biochemistry. Advances In Parasitology volume 67. Academic Press, 2008
The Elusive Malaria Vaccine. Miracle or Mirage? ASM Press, 2009

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