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Biology Department, University of California, Riverside

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The Sachs lab has excellent research opportunities for highly motivated undergraduates. Opportunities range from assisting with field collections of wild plants across Southern California, learning to do greenhouse inoculation experiments using plant hosts and different strains of symbiotic bacteria, to DNA sequencing and advanced data analysis. We encourage students with keen interests in careers in science to design and carry out projects of their own or to take advantage of on-going projects in the lab in areas that suit their needs and match their interests. We welcome students who are simply interested in developing their laboratory skills as well as those who prefer to take more responsibility, collaborate with other researchers, take the lead in data collection and analysis, and follow projects through to eventual publication.

Interested students should contact:

Joel L. Sachs
Department of Biology
University of California
1208 Spieth Hall
Riverside, CA 92521
Office (951) 827-6357