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Biology Department, University of California, Riverside

Complete list of publications, Joel L. Sachs (

Peer reviewed publications by year:

*      Sachs, J.L., Russell, J. E., Lii, Y. E., Black, K. C., Lopez, G., and Patil, A. S.  2010. Host control over infection and proliferation of a cheater symbiont. Journal of Evolutionary Biology. In Press
*      Sachs, J.L., Ehinger, E. O., & Simms, E. L. 2010.  Origins of cheating and loss of symbiosis in wild Bradyrhizobium. Journal of Evolutionary Biology. 23:1075-1089.
*      Medina, M. and Sachs, J.L. 2010. Symbiont genomics; Our new tangled bank. Genomics 95:129-137.

*      Sachs, J.L., Kembel, S.W., Lau, A.H., and Simms, E.L.  2009. In situ phylogenetic structure and diversity of wild Bradyrhizobium communities. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 75: 4727-4735.

*      Sachs, J. L., and Simms, E.L. 2008. The origins of uncooperative rhizobia. Oikos117:961-966.
*      Sachs, J.L. 2008. Resolving the first steps to multicellularity. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 23:245-248.

·      Sachs, J.L. and Rubenstein, D. R. 2007. The evolution of cooperative breeding; is there cheating? Behavioral Processes 76:131-137.
·      Sachs, J.L., Hughes, C.R., Nuechterlein, G.L., and Buitron, D. 2007. The evolution of colonial breeding in birds: A test of hypotheses with the red-necked grebe. The Auk 124:628-642.

*      Sachs, J. L., and Simms, E.L. 2006. Pathways to mutualism breakdown. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 21:585-592.
*      Sachs, J. L. 2006, Cooperation within and among species. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 19:1415-1418.
*      Sachs, J. L. and Wilcox, T.P. 2006. A shift to parasitism in the jellyfish symbiont Symbiodinium microadtriaticum. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, B. 273:425-429.
*      Simms, E. L., Taylor, D. L., Povich, J., Shefferson, R. P., Sachs, J. L., Urbina, M., and Tauszick, Y. 2006. An empirical test of partner choice mechanisms in a wild legume- rhizobium interaction. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London 273:77-81.

*      Sachs, J. L. and Bull, J.J. 2005. Experimental evolution of conflict mediation between genomes Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102:390-395.

*      Sachs, J. L., Mueller, U. G., Wilcox, T. P., and Bull, J. J. 2004. The Evolution of Cooperation, Quarterly Review of Biology 79:135-160.
*      Nuechterlein, G.L., Buitron, D., Sachs, J.L. and Hughes, C.R. 2003. Red-necked Grebes become semi-colonial when prime nesting habitat is available. Condor. 105: 80-94.
*      Sachs, J.L., Hughes, C.R. 1999.  Characterization of microsatellite loci for red-necked grebes Podiceps grisegena.  Molecular Ecology. 8, 687-688.

Technical Book Reviews:  
*      Sachs, J.L.  2004.  The evolving field of cooperation. Review of ‘Genetic and Cultural Evolution of Cooperation.’ 2003. Dahlem workshop report. Peter Hammerstein, Ed. Dahlem University Press, Cambridge. In Quarterly Review of Biology 79:458-459.
*      Sachs, J.L.  2005. A biohistory of ascendance and decline. Review of ‘The Biology of Civilisation, Understanding Human Culture As a Force In Nature.’ 2004 Stephen Boyden, University of New South Wales Press, Sydney. In Quarterly Review of Biology 80:507-508.
*      Sachs, J.L.  2006. A clash of biology and culture. Review of ‘Techno-cultural Evolution, Cycles of Creation and Conflict.’ 2006 William McDonald Wallace, Potomac Books, Dulles, Virginia, U.S.A. In Quarterly Review of Biology 81:425-426.
*      Sachs, J.L.  2007. The nature of human culture. Review of ‘The Origin and Evolution of Cultures’ 2005 Robert Boyd and Peter J. Richerson, Oxford University Press, New York, U.S.A. In Quarterly Review of Biology 82:183-184.

Press/ Scientific Coverage:

  • Fast friends, sworn enemies. L. Pennisi 2003. Science 302:774-775.
  • Evolution of cooperation: The benefits of ridesharing. G. J. Velicer 2005. Heredity 95:116-117.
  • How genomics has affected the concept of microbiology. N. Ward & C. M. Fraser 2005. Current Opinion in Microbiology 8:1-8.
  • Perfect Strangers. B Borrell. 2005. Berkeley Science Review 5 (2):14-15.