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Biology Department, University of California, Riverside

Graduate Research Opportunities

Information for Prospective Students

Currently, I am welcoming enquiries from potential students that are broadly interested in microbial evolution, microbial ecology and experimental evolution. Research topics should be close enough to my area of interest/research that I can provide sufficient guidance. I particularly encourage students interested in taking experimental and molecular approaches to microbial evolution to apply. Some potential research topics include experimental evolution of bacterial symbionts, phylogenetic analyses, field studies of wild symbionts and their hosts, as well as greenhouse and field infections.

My students are strongly encouraged to develop their own topics for study and to pursue original research of their own design. Students can collaborate on numerous projects that are already in progress in the Sachs lab but I encourage them to develop their own evolutionary/ ecological questions and model systems for independent dissertation research. Please contact me directly ( with any questions.

Joel L. Sachs
Department of Biology
University of California
1208 Spieth Hall
Riverside, CA 92521
Office (951) 827-6357