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Edward G. Platzer


Emeritus Professor of Nematology and Biology
Department of Nematology
Office 2236 Spieth Hall
Phone (951) 827-4352


Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  1968

Profound changes in the surface properties of the nematode have been found during infection of the mosquito host. Current research is focused on elucidating the nature of the surface changes and the factors essential for entrance of the infectious nematode into the host.

Recently, a biogeographic study of the mermithids of mosquitoes has been initiated in collaboration with Professor Hyman. Morphologic, physiologic, and molecular studies of the genera and species in North America are in progress to develop a comprehensive evolutionary history of mermithid nematodes.

Dr. Platzer participates in the Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology graduate program and the Physiology graduate track.

Some Representative Publications....

  • Platzer, E. G., W. Wang, S. N. Thompson, and D. B. Borchardt. 1999. Arginine kinase and phosphoarginine, a functional phosphagen, in the rhabditoid nematode Steinernema carpocapsae. J. Parasitology 85: 603-607.
  • Crosbie, P. R. S. A. Nadler, E. G. Platzer, C. Kerner, J. Mariaux, and W. M. Boyce. 2000. Molecular systematics of Mesocestoides spp. (Cestoda: Mesocestoididae) from domestic dogs (Canis familiaris) and coyotes (Canis latrans). J. Parasitology 86: 350-357.
  • Luong, L. T., E. G. Platzer, M. Zuk, and R. M. Giblin-Davis. 2000. Venereal worms: sexually transmitted nematodes in the decorated cricket. J. Parasitology 86: 471-477.
  • Elson-Riggins, J. G. L. Al-Banna, E. G. Platzer, and I. Kaloshian. 2001. Characterization of Otostrongylus circumlitus from Harbor and Northern Elephant Seals. J. Parasitology 87: 73-78.

Recent Teaching....

  • Biology 157, Parasitology
  • Biology 159, Biology of Nematodes.