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Leah Haimo


Professor of Biology Emeritus
Associate Dean, Graduate Division
Office 2352 Spieth
Phone (951) 827-5632


Ph.D., Yale University, 1980

Research in our laboratory focused on understanding intracellular movements. We study movements that occur along microtubules and are interested in the molecule motors that drive these movements and the mechanism that control the direction of transport.  Movements associated with microtubules are responsible for separating chromosomes during cell division and for driving axoplasmic transport. We study intraflagellar transport (IFT), a process which by material is transported along the microtubules of cilia and flagella. IFT is required to assemble and maintain cilia and flagella, and defects in IFT are now known to be associated with a number of human diseases and syndromes including polycystic kidney disease, obesity, and developmental defects. We examine the motors that drive this transport and seek to elucidate how these motors are regulated.

Dr.  Haimo participates in the Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology graduate program which she cofounded.

Some Representative Publications....

  • Kelly, G. M., H. Lodish, C. Klevickis, L. Haimo, B. Storrie, and E. A. Wong. 2007. Molecular Cell Biology Solutions Manual, Macmillan Publisher.
  • Haimo, L. T. 2002.  Regulation of Molecular Motors. In:  Molecular Motors, M.   Schliwa, Ed, Wiley-VCH, pp. 411-432.
  • Telzer, B. R. and L. T. Haimo.  2001.  Chromatophores as tools for the study of organelle transport.  In: Methods In Molecular Biology, Vol. 161, Cytoskeleton Methods and Protocols, R. Gavin, editor, Humana Press, pp. 201-214.
  • Haimo, L. T. 1998. Reactivation of vesicle transport in lysed teleost melanophores.  In : Methods in Enzymology, Molecular Motors and the Cytoskeleton, Vol. 298, R. Vallee., editor, Academic Press, pp. 389-399.
  • Haimo, L. T.  1997.  Ordering Microtubules.  Bioessays 19: 547-550.
  • Thaler, C. D. and L. T. Haimo.  1996.  Microtubules and microtubule motors: mechanisms of regulation.  Int. Rev. Cytol. 164: 269-327.
  • Haimo, L. T. 1995. Regulation of kinesin-directed movements.  Trends Cell Biol. 5: 165-168.

Recent Teaching....

  • Biology 113:  Advanced Cell Biology
  • Biology 005A:  Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology
  • CMDB 200:  (graduate) Cell BiologyBiology 005A:  Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology
  • BCH 188:  Introduction to Oral Presentations