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Selection Experiments as a Tool in Evolutionary and Comparative Physiology: Insights into Complex Traits

Symposium organized by John G. Swallow and Theodore Garland, Jr.

Annual Meetings of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, New Orleans, Louisiana

Funded by the National Science Foundation (IBN-0331571 to J.G.S. and T.G.) and the S.I.C.B.

Sponsored by Division of Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry

To be published in the journal Integrative and Comparative Biology

Wednesday Jan. 7th, 2004

10:20 John G. Swallow and Theodore Garland, Jr. - "Selective Breeding and Laboratory Natural Selection Experiments: Definitions and Historical Perspective"

10:40 Marek Konarzewski, Aneta Ksiazek, and Iwona Lapo - "Artificial Selection for Basal Metabolic Rate in Mice"

11:00 Lauren G. Koch and Steve L. Britton - "Artificial Selection for Intrinsic Aerobic Endurance-Running Capacity in Rats"

11:20 Theodore Garland, Jr. and J. G. Swallow - "Exercise Physiology of Mice Selected for High Voluntary Activity"

11:40 Justin S. Rhodes, Stephen C. Gammie, and Theodore Garland, Jr. - "Neurobiology of Mice Selected for High Voluntary Activity"

12:00 Coffee Break

Thursday Jan. 8th, 2004

8:20 Joe Travis, Charlie Baer, and Becky Fuller- "Which Experiment Did Our Selection Experiment Actually Perform: Working with Complex Traits in Fish"

8:40 Oyvind Overli, Tom G. Pottinger, and Svante Winberg - "Behavioral and Neuroendocrine Correlates of Artificial Selection for Stress Responsiveness in Rainbow Trout"

9:00 David N. Reznick - "Selection in Nature: Deliberate and Inadvertent Manipulations of Natural Populations"

9:20 Hilary S. Callahan, Massimo Pigliucci, and Nile Kurashige - "Artificial Correlational Selection in Arabidopsis thaliana: What Else Changes When Shade-Avoidance Responses Are Altered?"

9:40 Michael R. Rose, Adam K. Chippindale, John P. Phelan, Margaret A. Archer, and Timothy J. Bradley. - "The Devil and the Evolutionary Physiology of Life-History in Drosophila"

10:00 Coffee Break

10:20 Donna G. Folk and Timothy J. Bradley - "Water Balance and Ion Regulation in Drosophila melanogaster Selected for Enhanced Desiccation Resistance"

10:40 Gerald S. Wilkinson, Emily G. Amitin, and Philip M. Johns - "Correlated Responses to Long-term Artificial Sexual Selection in Stalk-eyed Flies"

11:00 Anthony J. Zera - "Artificial Selection as a Tool in Evolutionary Endocrinology: Direct and Correlated Responses to Selection on an Endocrine Regulatory Enzyme in an Insect"

11:20 Goggy Davidowitz, Derek A. Roff, and H. Fred Nijhout - "The Physiological Regulation of the Response to Selection of Body Size and Development Time in Manduca sexta"

11:40 Michele M. Riehle and Albert F. Bennett - "Differential Patterns of Gene Expression and Gene Complement in Laboratory-evolved Lines of E. coli"