WENDY L. HODGES: Curriculum Vitae

Department of Biology
University of California
Riverside, CA 92521
Office Telephone: 909-787-4754
Facsimile: 909-787-4286
Department Telephone: 909-787-5903
Email: wendyh@ucr.edu
Web Address: http://home.earthlink.net/~phrynos/

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, August 2002
Major: Zoology
Advisor: Eric R. Pianka
Dissertation: Phrynosoma Systematics, Comparative Reproductive Ecology, and Conservation
                   of a Texas Native. 209 pages.

B.S., University of Texas at Austin, December 1991
Major: Zoology
Languages: fluent: English; partial fluency: Spanish; basic reading skills: Russian

Dec. 2002 - current: Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Biology, University of California, Riverside;
                    Sponsors: Ted Garland and Tim Rowe
May - Nov. 2002: Postdoctoral Researcher, Center for Conservation Biology, Univ. of Calif., Riverside.
June - Sept. 2001: Curatorial Assistant, Texas Memorial Museum, University of Texas at Austin.
Sept. 1995 - Dec. 2000: Assistant Instructor, School of Biological Sciences, University of Texas at Austin.
Jan. - May 1998: Graduate Research Assistant, Center for Instructional Technologies, Austin, Texas.
Sept. 1994 - Aug. 1995: Teaching Assistant, University of Texas at Austin.

NSF Biological Informatics Postdoctoral Research Fellowship: 2003-04
         ($100,000 + $50,000 start-up available for first faculty position)
UCR Genomics Institute Core Facility Grant: January 2003 ($5,000): Ted Garland, PI
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department: August 2002 ($19,500)
Terrell H. Hamilton Endowed Graduate Fellowship: 2001 ($1,000)
College of Natural Sciences Special Fellowship: 2001 ($1,000)
Zoology Scholarship Endowment for Excellence: 1999-2000 ($900)
SSAR Grant in Herpetology Travel Award: 1999 ($500)
Continuing University Fellowship: UT Graduate School: 1998 ($15,500)
Frank and Fern Blair Scholarship: UT Department of Zoology 1996-1997 ($900)
Research Grant: Arizona Game and Fish Department: 1994 ($5,000)
Research Grant: Horned Lizard Conservation Society: 1992 ($7,000)

Outstanding Teaching Award, Division of Biological Sciences: May 1998

Published/In Press
Hodges, W. L. In Press. Evolution of Viviparity in Horned Lizards (Phrynosoma):
       Testing the Cold Climate Hypothesis. Journal of Evolutionary Biology. Accepted May 2004.
       Download PDF proof (note: This is the Online Early version available online from JEB)

Hodges, W. L. 2004. Defensive Blood Squirting in Phrynosoma ditmarsi and a high
        rate of human-induced blood squirting in Phrynosoma asio. Southwestern Naturalist 49(2):67-70.
       Download PDF reprint

Hodges, W. L. and K. R. Zamudio. 2004. Phrynosoma Phylogeny Inferred from
        Mitochondrial Genes and Morphological Characters: Understanding Conflicts Using
        Multiple Approaches. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 31: 961-971.
        Download PDF reprint

Manaster, J. 2002. Horned Lizards, Revised Edition. Scientific Editor, W. L. Hodges. Texas Tech
      University Press. Lubbock, Texas. 84 pp.

Hodges, W. L. and E. Perez-Ramos. 2001. Natural History and New Localities of Bipes canaliculatus.
      Herpetological Review. 32 (3):153-156. Download PDF reprint

Flores-Villela, O. A. and W. L. Hodges. 1999. Biographical Sketch of Miguel Alvarez del Toro
      (Don Miguel): 1917-1996. Herpetological Review. 30(2):69-70.

Manaster, J. 1997. Horned Lizards. Scientific Editor, W. L. Hodges. University of Texas Press.
      Austin, Texas. +124 pp.

Hodges, W. L. 1995. Phrynosoma ditmarsi Stejneger: Rock Horned Lizard.
       Catalogue of American Amphibians and Reptiles. pp. 614.1-614.3
       Download PDF reprint

Donaldson*, W. L., A. H. Price, and J. Morse. 1994. The current status and future prospects of the
       Texas horned lizard (Phrynosoma cornutum) in Texas. Texas Journal of Science 46 (2): 97-113.
       (*name change occurred in 1995 to Hodges)

Manuscripts In Review
Barrows, C., W. L. Hodges, M. Swartz, M. F. Allen, J. T. Rotenberry, B. Li, X. Chen. A Framework
     for Monitoring Multiple Species Conservation Plans. Journal of Wildlife Management.

Manuscripts In Preparation
Hodges, W. L. Comparative Reproductive Ecology of Mexican Horned Lizards (Phrynosoma).
       Journal of Herpetology.

Heger, N. A. and W. L. Hodges. Body size and the control of heat exchange: implications for the
        evolution of endothermy. Am. Nat.

Perez-Ramos, E. and W. L. Hodges. Otra Especie Gigante de las Serpientes del Genero
         Leptotyphlops (Squamata: Serpentes: Leptotyphlopidae) del Rio Balsas, Guerrero, Mexico.

Published Abstracts
Hodges, W. L. 2004. Integrating CT-Scanning, 3D-Morphometrics, and Phylogenetics to Reconstruct.
       Hypothetical Ancestral Morphologies of Horned Lizards. Journal of Morphology. 260(3): 299. PDF

Hodges, W. L. 2003. Testing the Cold-Climate Hypothesis: Evolution of Viviparity in
      Horned Lizards (Phrynosoma). Integrative and Comparative Biology. 43(6): 1076.

Hodges, W. L., R. Reyes, T. Garland, Jr., and T. Rowe. 2003. Visualizing Horn Evolution by
      Morphing High-resolution X-ray CT  Images. In: Proceedings of the Conference Abstracts
      and Applications, Sketches and Application, ACM-SIGGRAPH 2003.  ISBN: 1-58113-711-7. PDF

Miscellaneous Publications and Technical Reports
Pianka, E. R. and W.L. Hodges. 2003. Sarvikonnaliskot – Phrynosoma. Herpetomania. 12 (5-6): 5-19.

Hodges, W. 2000. Legend, Lore, and Legacy: Texas' Horny Toads. Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine.
       December 2000: 58-59.

Flores-Villela, O. A. and W. L. Hodges. 1999. Culebras con Manitas: Reptiles Extraños de México.
       Biodiversitas. 5(27): 12-14.  Download PDF reprint

Pianka, E. R. and W.L. Hodges. 1998. Horned Lizards*, Reptiles! Magazine. June 1998: pp. 48-63.

Hodges, W. L. 1997. Assessing Phrynosoma mcallii (Flat-tailed Horned Lizard) Habitat Loss in
       Arizona and California.  Report to Defenders of Wildlife. +17 pp.

Donaldson*, W. L. 1995. Conservation of the Flat-tailed Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma mcallii) in
       Arizona. Sonoran Herpetologist. 8(2):12-14. (*name change occurred in 1995 to Hodges)

Hodges, W. L. 1995. Phrynosoma mcallii occurrence in Arizona. Rep. Arizona Game and Fish
       Department, Contract Q95-15-K. +18p., App. 1-7.

Donaldson*, W. L., A. H. Price, and J. Morse. 1993. Texas horned lizard (Phrynosoma cornutum)
       status survey. Final Rep., ESA Sec. 6 Project No. E-1-4, Job No. 21, 36p., App. 1-4.
       (*name change occurred in 1995 to Hodges)

2002-2003: I served as a Project Liaison for the Harvey Mudd College Engineering Clinic. This clinic was a yearlong course in which I collaborated with three other University of California, Riverside faculty members, two Harvey Mudd College faculty members, and six Harvey Mudd College engineering undergraduates to develop a remote sensing system to track Acorn Woodpeckers at a remote field station.

1994-2000: I served as an Assistant Instructor for General Entomology during the majority of my graduate education. I received an Outstanding Teaching Award from the Division of Biological Sciences for my work. Other courses I have experience with as either a teaching assistant or assistant instructor include: Comparative Vertebrate Physiology (1 semester*), Ecology, Evolution and Society (2 semesters), Field Entomology (1 semester*), Human Body (1 semester*), Lab Studies in Population and Environmental Biology (2 semesters), Structure and Function of Organisms Lab (1 semester), and Vertebrate Physiology (1 semester). (*summer sessions)

Hodges, W. L. July, 2004. Integrating CT scanning, 3D morphometrics, and phylogenetics to reconstruct hypothetical ancestral morphologies. 7th International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology, Boca Raton, FL.

Hodges, W. L. 2004. Visualizing Horn Evolution in Phrynosoma using Three Dimensional, High-resolution X-ray Computed Tomography. Symposium: Ecology and Evolution of Reptiles: A Tribute to Eric Pianka. Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists, Norman, OK.

Hodges, W. L. 2004. Horned Lizards: Biology, Conservation & Evolutionary History. Department of Range, Wildlife and Fisheries Management. Texas Tech University. Lubbock, TX.

Hodges, W. L. 2003. Conservation of Horned Lizards in North America. Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species, San Diego Zoo, CA.

Hodges, W. L. 2003. Evolutionary Ecology of Horned Lizards. Department of Biology, University of California, Riverside, CA.

Hodges, W. L. 1999. Using Phylogenetic Information in Ecological Studies. Biomass Guest Lecture Series, Austin Community College, Austin, TX.

Hodges, W. L. 1995. Horned Lizards as a Model for Conservation Biology, Biomass Guest Lecture Series, Austin Community College, Austin, TX.

Manuscript Reviewer: Biological Conservation (1), Evolution (1), Journal of Herpetology (1), Journal of Arid Environments (1), Southwestern Naturalist (2).
The Tree of Life Web Project, Contributor. In Process: Developing leaf pages for Phrynosoma.
Co-organizer for the symposium, Ecology and evolution of reptiles: a tribute to Eric Pianka. Joint Meetings of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists, Norman, OK, 2004.
Sociedad Herpetologica Mexicana: U.S. Representative. 1998 - Current.
Horned Lizard Conservation Society. Current -2004: President and Director of Internet Services (http://www.hornedlizards.org); 1992 -1994: Board of Directors; 1991-1994: Vice President for Research and Recovery and Chair of the Research and Recovery Committee; 1994 -1997: Phrynosomatics, Newsletter Editor; Conference Organizer for Third and Fifth Conference on Horned Lizards. San Angelo, TX, 1997 and Portal, AZ, 2002.
Texas Herpetological Society. Board Member, 2000-2002.
Society for Conservation Biology, UT Student Chapter, Treasurer, 1996-7.

       American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists
       Association for Computing Machinery-SIGGRAPH
       Herpetologists' League
       Horned Lizard Conservation Society
       International Society of Vertebrate Morphologists
       Sociedad Herpetologica Mexicana
       Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology
       Society for the Study of Amphibians & Reptiles
       Society for Systematic Biologists
       Southwestern Association of Naturalists

Hodges, W. L. 2004. Testing the Cold-Climate Hypothesis: Evolution of Viviparity in Horned Lizards (Phrynosoma). SICB Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA.

Hodges, W. L. 2003. Visualizing Horn Evolution by Morphing High-resolution X-ray CT Images. ACM-SIGGRAPH 2003 Sketches and Applications program, Visualization section. San Diego, CA. (this talk was competitively selected from a pool of 370 entries). Read the PDF

Hodges, W. L. 2003. Dynamic Visualization Tools for Implementation of Phylogenetic Hypotheses and Reconstruction of Ancestral States Using Three-dimensional Data. AHM 2003 meeting, San Diego Supercomputing Center, CA.

Barrows, C. W., M. Allen, J. Rotenberry, B. Li, W. L. Hodges, M. B. Swartz, X. Chen. 2003. Ecological Monitoring Strategies for Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plans. Western Section Wildlife Society. Irvine, CA.

Hodges, W. L. 2002. Comparative Reproductive Ecology of Mexican Phrynosoma. 5th Horned Lizard Symposium, Horned lizard Conservation Society. Portal, AZ.

Hodges, W. L. and S. A. Messec. 2002. Experimental Release and Monitoring Phrynosoma cornutum, Texas horned lizards, in Central Texas. 5th Horned Lizard Symposium, Horned lizard Conservation Society. Portal, AZ.

Hodges, W. L. 2000. Natural history and behaviors of Mexican Phrynosoma. 4th Horned Lizard Symposium. Horned lizard Conservation Society. Portal, AZ.

August 2002 - 2004: Reintroduction of the Texas Horned Lizard to Central Texas. Adult lizards (Phrynosoma cornutum) and offspring were released on a Central Texas ranch and monitored with radio transmitters to determine viability of reintroducing the species to former habitat.

May - December 2002: Postdoctoral Researcher, Center for Conservation Biology (CCB), University of California at Riverside. I am currently working with the CCB on two projects: developing a remote sensing system to track Acorn Woodpeckers (collaborative project between the CCB, Harvey Mudd College, and the James San Jacinto Mountains Reserve) and designing ecological monitoring strategies for multiple species habitat conservation plans.

19 October - 20 November 2002: Population biology of the psammophilous lizard Meroles anchietae. Participated in an on-going field project with Dr. A. Muth. Work was conducted at Gobabeb Research and Training Facility in western Namibia. The study's objectives include determining population size and structure in comparison to a convergent species, Uma inornata, in southern California. Most work involves mark-recapture of animals, but behavioral studies were initiated in 2002 to understand apparent sexual differences in activity patterns observed in past years.

1998 - 1999: Mexican Fieldwork. Traveled throughout Mexico collecting animals and data on all Phrynosoma endemic to Mexico. Spent extensive time in the field with layovers in Mexico City at the museums in UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico). Coordinated field trips with Mexican and American field assistants.

February - April 1996: Land Use and Natural Butterfly Populations: Assessing Anthropogenic Effects on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. Conducted field studies of butterfly diversity in fragmented rainforest patches and continuous rainforest on Costa Rica's southern-most peninsula.

August 1993 - 1995: Habitat Preference and Inventory of Phrynosoma mcallii. I inventoried the Lower Colorado division of the Sonoran desert, southwest of Yuma, Arizona, for the presence of Phrynosoma mcallii. Final report accepted 31 August 1995.

1992 - 1993: Phrynosoma cornutum (Texas horned lizard) Status Survey. I planned, coordinated and implemented a contract between the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Horned Lizard Conservation Society to conduct a statewide survey of historic populations of Phrynosoma cornutum during the summer of 1992. Final report accepted to TPWD and USFWS 2/93.

Fall 1990 Special Studies in Advanced Zoology. Phylogenetic study on the phylum Mollusca. 18S rRNA sequence data and twelve morphological characters for six mollusks were analyzed using PAUP. Undergraduate research.

Summer 1990 Special Studies in Advanced Zoology. Participated in a field study of Passerina ciris (painted bunting). Aided netting and banding of birds on study site and collected data about male territory size, territorial behavior, and behavioral interactions between males. Undergraduate research.

05/2001: Biological Consultant, Ecological Communications Corporation, Austin, TX.
12/1999 - 01/2001: Director of Operations, Second Season Outdoors, Inc., Austin, TX.
08/1997 - 12/1997: Consultant, Texas Education Agency Textbook Evaluation, Austin, TX.
04/1997 - 07/1997: Biological Consultant, Defenders of Wildlife, Washington, D. C.
9/03/96 - 5/31/97: User Assistant, Biological Sciences Computer Support facility, Austin, TX.
12/01/94 - 10/15/95: Consultant, Arizona Game and Fish Department, Phoenix, AZ.
8/26/93 - 8/19/94: Amphibian and Reptile Biologist, Arizona Game and Fish Department, Phoenix, AZ.
1/15/93 - 8/26/93: Research Assistant, Dr. Ed Vargo, Brackenridge Field Lab, Austin, TX.
Freelance Photographer. Photos published in Lizards: Windows to the Evolution of Diversity (University of California Press), Utah Outdoors, Vivarium, Reptiles! Magazine, Herpetomania.

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