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Links to Websites Related to Evolutionary Physiology (sensu lato):

Under Construction -- please contact me ( if you would like to see a link added (or removed!).

Note that I have a rather inclusive view of what constitutes "evolutionary physiology" (e.g., see Garland and Carter, 1994 [PDF file - large]), but this is not yet a thorough listing.  For example, I could use help adding people who work on plants, biochemistry, morphology ...

Adolph, Stephen C.

Angilletta, Michael J., Jr.

Altshuler, Doug

Bartholomew, George A. Academic Genealogy

Bennett, Albert F.

Bemis, William E.

Block, Barbara A.

Bozinovic, Francisco (Pancho)

Bradley, Timothy J.

Brainerd, Elizabeth L.

Brauner, Colin

Bronikowski, Anne M.

Burness, Gary

Campbell, Kevin L.

Carter, Patrik A.

Chappell, Mark A.

Christian, Keith

Crawford, Douglas L.

Daniels, Christopher B.

Developmental Physiology

Diamond, Jared

Dohm, Mike

Dudley, Robert

Dumont, Elizabeth R.

Else, Paul L.

Emlen, Douglas J.

Environmental and Evolutionary Physiology Research Unit (EEPRU), Finland

Experimental Evolution, Univ. of Calif. Intercampus Research Program on ...

Feder, Martin E.

Geiser, Fritz

Gibbs, Allen G.

Guderley, Helga

Hammond, Kimberly A.

Harrison, Jon F.

Hayashi, Cheryl

Hayes, Jack

Heideman, Paul D.

Herrel, Anthony

Hicks, James W.

Hilbish, Thomas J.

Hofmann, Gretchen

Huey, Raymond B.

Hulbert, Anthony J.

Irschick, Duncan J.

Janzen, Fred

Jayne, Bruce C.

Johnston, Ian A.

Journal of Evolutionary Biochemistry and Physiology (Zhurnal evolyutsionnoi biokhimii i fiziologii) or try this Springer Link

Konarzewski, Marek

Koteja, Pawel

Lauder, George V.

Lee, Carol E.

Long, John H.

Losos, Jonathan B.

Maherali, Hafiz

Martinez del Rio, Carlos

McKechnie, Andrew

Moyes, Chris

Muehlenbein, Michael P.

Navas, Carlos

National Science Foundation, Program in Ecological and Evolutionary Physiology

Nelson, Jay A.

Network for Experimental Research on Evolution (NERE)

Orgeig, Sandra

Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology

Physiological and Biochemical Zoology and check this ISI story about PBZ's impact

Plants, Evolutionary Physiology of Algae and Aquatic

Podos, Jeff

Rezende, Enrico L.

Rhodes, Justin S.

Rose, Michael R.

Sears, Mike

Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry

Sinervo, Barry

Sparks, Jed P.

Speakman, John R.

Suarez, Raul

Swallow, John G.

Swanson, David L.

Swartz, Sharon M.

Tieleman, Irene B.

Van Damme, Raoul

Vanhooydonck, Bieke

Wainwright, Peter C.

Westneat, Mark W.

Williams, Joseph B.

Williams, Tony D.

Winkler, David W.

Withers, Philip C.

Woods, Art

Wright, Jonathan C.

Zera, Anthony J.


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