Assistant Professor of Biology
Office: Spieth Hall 2352
Office phone: 951-827-5632
Fax: 951-827-4286


Degree: Ph.D., University of British Columbia, 2010

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I am an evolutionary geneticist broadly interested in hybridization, speciation, and the evolution of sex chromosomes and other supergenes. My research seeks to identify the regions of the genome responsible for evolutionarily important traits, and use variation at regions to study the history of these traits. Current study systems include the population genomics of social behavior in ants, color pattern in birds, sex determination in frogs, and reproductive barriers between related species in all three of these groups. Research in my lab integrates field, lab, and computational methods.

Representative publications:

Purcell, J., Zahnd, S., Athanasiades, A., Turler, R., Chapuisat, M., and A. Brelsford. 2016. Ants exhibit asymmetric hybridization in a mosaic hybrid zone. In press, Mol. Ecol.

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Brelsford, A., Dufresnes, C., and N. Perrin. 2016. Trans-species variation in Dmrt1 is associated with sex determination in four European tree-frog species. Evolution 70: 840-847

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