Doug Altshuler


Associate Professor of Biology
Office: 3380 Spieth Hall
Phone: (951) 827-2499
Facsimile: (951) 827-4286



Degree: Ph.D., University of California-Santa Barbara, 2004.

My interests span a wide variety of topics at the intersection of theoretical, empirical, and applied ecology, and I have explored these interests in both aquatic and terrestrial systems. I am particularly interested in how populations and communities respond to environmental variation, both natural and human driven, and I use a mixture of mathematical and empirical approaches to understand processes that act across scales of spatio-temporal measurement and biological organization.

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Representative Publications:

Anderson, K.E., Inouye, B.D., and N. Underwood. 2015. Can inducible resistance in plants cause herbivore aggregations? Spatial pattern formation in a model of inducible resistance and herbivore population dynamics. Ecology 96: 2758–2770.

Rueda-Cediel, P., Anderson, K.E., Regan, H.M., Regan, T.J., and J. Franklin. 2015. Tradeoffs between model choice, data quality and quantity when estimating population trends and extinction risk. PLoS ONE 10: e0132255.

Fahimipour, A.K. and K.E. Anderson. 2015. Colonisation rate and flexible foraging control the emergence of trophic cascades. Ecology Letters 18: 826-833.

Sarhad, J., Carlson, R., and K.E. Anderson. 2014. Population persistence in river networks. Journal of Mathematical Biology 69: 401-448.

Anderson, K.E., Paul, A.J., McCauley, E., Jackson, L.J., Post, J.R., and R.M. Nisbet. 2006. Instream flow needs in streams and rivers: the importance of understanding ecological dynamics. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 4: 309-318.

For a full list and links please see Dr. Anderson's Google Scholar page.

Courses taught:

BIOL 116 - Ecology and Conservation Biology
BIOL 003 - Organisms in Their Environment
BIOL 005C - Introductory Evolution and Ecology
BIOL 217 - Population and Community Ecology
EEOB 211 - Foundations of Ecology