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  • UC Riverside
  • College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

Biology Colloquium

BIOL 252 Seminar Series 2016-2017

Thursdays at 4:10 pm Genomics Auditorium
Refreshments served beforehand in the Moore Room (Spieth 3365).

Please contact the host to make an appointment with any of the speakers.

Current schedule:

Fall Quarter, 2016

Date Speaker Title Institution host
29-Sept-16 Dr. Scott Taylor "Insights from avian hybrid zones into the origin and maintenance of biodiversity" University of Colorado Alan Brelsford
06-Oct-16 Dr. Ben Van Allen "TBA" Louisiana State University, Dept of Biology Kurt Anderson
13-Oct-16 Dr. Gita Kolluru "Factors Influencing Mating Behavior in Poeciliid Fishes" California Polytechnic State University Chris Clark
20-Oct-16 Dr. Erin Rankin "TBA" University of California, Riverside Chris Clark
27-Oct-16 Dr. Katherine Scranton "TBA" University of California, Los Angeles Kurt Anderson
03-Nov-16 Dr. Lauren Buckley "Ecological and evolutionary responses to thermal extremes" University of Washington Marko Spasojevic
10-Nov-16 Dr. Wendy Hood "Mitochondrial function and life history tradeoffs" Auburn University Wendy Saltzman
17-Nov-16 Dr. Ashlee Rowe "Molecular and physiological mechanisms of sensory and neuromuscular adaptation to scorpion chemical defenses"
[Joint seminar between EEOB / Neuroscience]
Michigan State Chris Clark and Khaleel Abdulrazak
24-Nov-16 No Seminar Thanksgiving    
01-Dec-16 Dr. Michael Dickinson "Sensory-motor transformations in the flight system of insects: a peek inside the Devonian toolkit" California Institute of Technology Chris Clark

Winter Quarter, 2017

Date Speaker Title Institution host
19-Jan-17 Dr. Elsa Cleland "The role of phenology in community and ecosystem responses to climate change and invasion" University of California, San Diego Marko Spasojevic
02-Feb-17 Dr. Nathan Kraft "Functional traits and the maintenance of diversity in plant communities" University of California, Los Angeles Marko Spasojevic
09-Feb-17 Dr. Christopher Smith "Coevolution of Joshua trees and their Pollinators: Connecting patterns and processes" Willamette University Joel Sachs
16-Feb-17 Dr. Juan Carlos Alonso "Sexual selection in the heaviest flying bird: adaptations and costs of an extreme sexual size dimorphism" Department of Evolutionary Ecology, National Museum of Natural Sciences, Madrid, Spain Daphne Fairbairn
23-Feb-17 Dr. Stacy Combes "Flight of the pollinators: Bumblebee flight in challenging, real-world conditions" University of California, Davis Chris Clark
02-Mar-17 Dr. Adler Dillman "Insect-parasitic nematodes use venom to kill hosts" University of California, Riverside, Dept of Nematology Morris Maduro
09-Mar-17 Dr. Bernie Lohr "Active space and the sensory ecology of birdsong" University of Maryland Chris Clark
16-Mar-17 Dr. Peter Niewiarowski "Sometimes geckos don't stick: Advancing our understanding of the adhesive system through analysis of materials and multiple performance criteria" University of Akron Tim Higham

Spring Quarter, 2017

Date Speaker Title Institution host
06-Apr-17   Seminar cancelled    
20-Apr-17 Dr. Caroline Williams "Evolutionary impacts of winter" University of California, Berkeley Kim Hammond
27-Apr-17 Dr. Khaleel Abdulrazak "Neuroethology of gleaning behavior in the pallid bat, Antrozous pallidus" University of California, Riverside, Dept of Psychology Chris Clark
04-May-17 Dr. David Raichlen "An Evolutionary Medicine Approach to Physical Activity and Inactivity" Univeristy of Arizona Ted Garland
11-May-17 Dr. Kailen Mooney "Causes and community-level consequences for clinal adaptation in a foundational plant species" University of California, Irvine Nicole Rafferty
18-May-17 Dr. Ryoko Oono "Cooperative relativism in the legume-rhizobia symbiosis" University of California, Santa Barbara Joel Sachs
25-May-17 Dr. Melissa Sayres "TBA" Arizona State University Alan Brelsford
08-June-17 Dr. Sharlene Santana "TBA" University of Washington EEOB GSA