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Cindy Shannon

Cindy Shannon

Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
MS in Biology (emphasis in Ecology) 1991
BA in Psychology Cal State Fullerton 1986
BS in Zoology Cal Poly Pomona 1985


Faculty advisor: John Rotenberry

Research Interest: I am interested in the influence of food limitation on nest success. In my study, I will examine nest success in relation to parental attendance and nestling mortality in bald eagles, a central place forager. When the nest is the center in the breeding season, safety of offspring may outweigh energetic criteria for placement of center. Food availability may effect parental attendance, and leave offspring exposed to predation or inclement weather. In addition, food limitation may directly affect brood reduction through starvation and sibling competition. I am interested in investigating the patterns of localized and landscape features for next site location, in relation to parental time budgets at the nest and nestling mortality.