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Allison Rudalevige

Allison Rudalevige

M.S., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
B.S. (Biology: Zoology) California State University, Long Beach, 2000

Research Interests: After assisting with studies of marine mollusc protein synthesis, lizard DNA, tern growth, raptor homeranges, and swift diets at CSULB, I came to UCR and narrowed it down to the raptors. I'm currently taking a landscape-level approach and looking at their distribution in relation to urbanization. Two rounds of data collection down and one to go. I intend to present my preliminary findings at the Society for Conservation Biology conference this summer.


Rudalevige, A. D., Underwood, D. L. A., and Collins, C.T. Diet of breeding White-throated and Black Swifts in southern California. Western Birds, in press.