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Kristine L. Preston

Kristine L. Preston

Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Bachelor's of Science Degree, Wildlife and Fisheries Biology, University of California, Davis 1988

I am investigating the behavioral responses of a small song-bird, the Wrentit (Chamaea fasciata), to different levels of nest predation risk and food availability. I am interested in the potential effect that behavioral responses may have on an individual's reproductive success and survival. I am studying how these environmental factors affect an individual's time budget and parental care. I am specifically interested in whether there is a trade-off in the time an individual spends foraging versus the time it spends in reproductive activities, particularly nest guarding. I am also investigating whether individuals alter their space use patterns and territory size in response to variations in food abundance and nest predation. Finally, I will analyze whether any behavioral responses or changes in space use correlate with reproductive success and survival. To investigate these topics, I have conducted a three year behavioral field study that incorporates a food supplementation experiment, experimental trials in which nesting adults are exposed to model nest predators, and a correlational study of predator activity. I will be completing the fourth year of field research this spring.


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