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Marcelo Nolla Pires

Marcelo Nolla Pires

Ph.D. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
M.S. (Biology) California State Polytechnic University,
Pomona (1998-2001)
B.S. (Biology) Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1994-1995), California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (1995-1998)

Research interests: The evolution of the placenta marked a shift in the way maternal resources are allocated to reproduction. In addition, it created a new arena for interactions between maternal, paternal, and offspring genomes. In general, I am interested in studying the changes in parent-offspring and male-female interactions that are associated with placental evolution. I am studying this topic with fishes of the family Poeciliidae. I have been investigating inter- and intraspecific variation in life-histories (and degree of placentation) among different species in this family. I am now defining my dissertation project.

M.S. Thesis: Allocation of Reproductive Output in the Western Pond Turtle (Clemmys marmorata) in Southern California. California State University, Pomona. 2001.


Pires, M. N., K. E. McBride, and D. N. Reznick. 2007. Interpopulation variation in life-history traits of Poeciliopsis prolifica: implications for the study of placental evolution. Journal of Experimental Zoology 307A:113-125.