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Sonia Ortiz

Sonia Ortiz

Ph.D. student in the EEOB Physiology Track

M.S. Physiology, University of California, Riverside (2005)
B.S. Biology, University of California, Riverside (2002)

Ph.D. Comittee: Kim Hammond (Major Professor)

I recently completed my Master’s project looking at the effects of skeletal muscle enzymes on aerobic performance in high- and low-altitude adapted deer mice (Peromyscus). Next, I would like to begin my Ph.D. work by looking at the role nitric oxide plays in deer mice at high altitude. Specifically, I am interested in determining how endothelial nitric oxide is regulated at high altitude on a physiological and molecular level. I would also like to look at the effects of increased blood viscosity on nitric oxide and the pathology that may be present if elevated or decreased levels of nitric oxide exist.